The Supernatural - Ticara Davis

By Amanda Harth

Photos by Felton Kizer

Ticara Davis is the effortlessly chic Creative Director and Style Editor at As a leader in “SneakHER” culture CNK provides a digital platform on sneaker culture exclusively for women. I met Ticara at the preview night for the MOS exhibit this past July. She was wearing the white Converse X Comme Des Garçon sneakers that night and she was very supportive of our efforts with the exhibition. She has a light about her that makes it easy for people to connect with her. During the shoot for this story we laughed a lot and talked about some of everything; Serena, Chicago fashion, relationships, traveling, and on and on. She’s branching out and working on new projects which makes perfect sense for the multifaceted journalist.

AH: Do you have a team that you work with regularly or are you flying solo?

TD: I work with four others when it comes to my work with CNKDaily. We all play a crucial role in keeping the CNK machine rolling. We have weekly calls and a group chat for shenanigans, but with our small team we’ve been able to accomplish so much in three years and still growing. I do a bit of creative work on my own as well, I’ll be launching my site soon so you guys have to look out for that. 

AH: What are essential things you need to execute a project successfully? For example, is it a song or a certain type of mood?

TD: I honestly need to be motivated and inspired without those two nothing is getting done. I need to be in that mood to put a deck or moodboard together, but once I’m going and in the zone, it’s a wrap. I also listen to classical music when working one of my favorites is “Together We Will Live Forever” by Clint Mansell. 

AH: What are your greatest challenges as a stylist based in Chicago?


TD: I’m actually not a stylist! I’m the Style Editor at CNKDaily which means I write about a ton of clothing, shoes and accessories. I also create some of our exclusive content on the site such as Sneaker Diaries, SneakHer Style Tip, Style Guides and of course our seasonal editorials. However, working on editorials have been interesting and we’ve been lucky enough to work with brands that are able to provide us with apparel and even the models we chose we may pull a piece or two from their personal closets as well. Hopefully, in the future we’ll have some dope stylists on deck who can pull from local designers. I would love to see it happen. 

AH: What are your thoughts on the current state of the fashion industry as a whole? 

TD: I pay more attention lately to how high-end fashion brands have ventured into “streetwear.” It’s not even streetwear anymore at this point it’s just high-end brands knocking off from smaller brands. I’m always interested in what the people in the streets of different cities are actually wearing and if they’re taking their cues from the runway or a bit of both. 

AH: What resources do you use to market your skills to potential clients? 

TD: Luckily, I have my own website launching soon where any client is able to view my work and read my own personal blog posts. I utilize social media a ton, it’s free marketing especially Instagram. I’m even still using Snapchat, I make sure to share my work on all platforms. I went to the school for New Media Journalism and those courses have helped me a ton in my career thus far. 

AH: Any personal style regrets from your past?

TD: There’s a ton of them! I think what I regret the most was everything being matchy matchy. Literally in the early 2000’s everything had to match. I literally had those plastic bead necklaces in every color. Whew what a time and what a crime. Lol 

AH: Do you currently have any mentors that you look to for wisdom or advice?


TD: I never had a mentor, I’ve always solicited my advice from friends, people I've worked with and those who I know are smarter than me in an area. 

AH: How has collaborations affected the way you work on a project?

TD: When I’m working with someone such as a brand I want to make sure that I’m hitting all the deliverables they are asking of me when completing the project. We want to make sure we have the same vision and are expecting the same results in the end. All of my collaborations thus far have been a ton of damn fun. 

AH: What is your color palette for the fall and winter season?

TD: I’ll be adding in some patterns this Fall and Winter season. I think it’s fun to play with prints and stripes and bold colors during the colder months. 

AH: Are there any designers based in Chicago we should be paying attention to?

TD: There’s quite a few that I’m loving right now and that includes Ron Louis, Sheila Rashid, and Alex Carter. These designers are making things that are one-of-a-kind and darling it’s dope. 

AH: What have been some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned as a journalist and businesswoman?

TD: One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned that really came into play this year was to never sell yourself short. You may think you’re less than but it’s really the other way around. Be confident in your decision making and know what value you bring to the table. 

AH: What plans do you have for the rest of 2019 and can you share what you have coming up in 2020?

TD: I’m going to be working on CNK’s Winter Editorial and I can’t wait to see what ideas I cook up for this one. It’s always fun working on these shoots and during the winter time it can be a task but we usually get it done and it turns out pretty darn good. I’ll be launching my website soon as well. 2020, I’m looking forward to All-Star here in Chicago which is going to be super dope. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work on a few activations as well.


Amanda Harth