We Built A Museum in Four Months

By Amanda Harth


Museum of Streetwear created a new world of possibilities that I never considered. This started as a community project for an education I’ve been participating in focusing on Ontology-the study of being a human. During this final course everyone was required to develop a community project that would allow you to apply everything that you learned throughout the courses. I thought of doing something other than fashion and wanted to explore other interests of mine that would allow me to do something outside of my routine. Turns out I didn’t have to step outside of the fashion world for that to happen. The Museum of Streetwear was an entire course of lessons within itself. I learned so much about myself, being a leader, keeping my integrity, and executing. Throughout the process - and breakdowns - I was able to keep my vision clear because of the unwavering support from my team and my family. 



I’m breaking the habit of internalizing things and not sharing when I need to. I worked on that by answering as honest as I could when someone would ask “This is a lot. How are you?” At times as people, showing vulnerability can create a connection you had never thought could exist with others.

The designers we featured in this exhibit are exquisite and I was honored that they trusted my vision throughout the process. Each of them have a dynamic story behind their work and I believe in all of their success that’s to come. One of the highlights for the exhibition was the live editorial by Her Notoriety. They’re true visionaries. They’re gifted women that aren’t afraid of hard work and it is without a doubt they will change how people see streetwear over the next few years.



I have a solid team. Adrian, Rebekah, Felton, and Jess. What ever I requested of them they exceeded in their delivery. They all worked tirelessly to ensure that this exhibit would be executed well. Creating this event I had to exercise asking for help more than I wanted to and it’s changed my life. I was amazed at the support and love we received from the moment the event was announced at the end of May. Leading up to the event I was approached by Matt Harvey a journalist from Chicago Reader to do a piece on the exhibit. I thought “This is dope, a cute lil write up online!” As it turned out we were the highlight of the Arts & Culture section for Chicago Reader IN PRINT AND ONLINE. Then after the event we were given an awesome follow up piece by Isa Giallorenzo!

I’ve never wanted something to succeed as much as I wanted this to for the sake of these designers and creatives involved. The greatest lesson of all was Community. I loved sharing this event with people and learning about their connections to the subculture of Streetwear. Their first pair of Nike Dunks or the first piece they made for themselves. We can’t wait to collaborate with more designers around Chicago to continue building this foundation for the fashion community. We ALL deserve this.


Amanda Harth