Statement Piece: Eyewear

Written By Jess Bond

Photos by Felton Kizer


During the early stages of the eyewear industry, glasses were only seen and worn as a necessity. They were not stylish and being seen wearing them was absolute don’t. Oh how times have eyewear is more stylish than ever. One eyewear brand has transcended from the accessory closet of Hollywood’s elite to the wardrobe of everyday people.The eyewear legend known as,“Ray-Bans,” known worldwide for creating eyewear that is sure to make a statement and has influenced the creation of today’s eyewear companies for a new generation.

One of Ray-Bans most classic frames known as “Wayfarers” have been popularized thanks to celebrities such as James Dean. Wayfarers are known for exuding everything that the James Dean persona is known for being, “effortlessly cool.” Another popular Ray-Bans frame is the classic “Aviator.” Once known for being the official sunglasses of pilots they are now just as common as Wayfarers and just as fashionable. Ray-Bans now offers these classic frames in a variety of colors giving everyone a chance to have a different kind of statement piece for their individual style.


Although Wayfarers and Aviators are some of the most well known eyewear frames there are, there are several other frames and colors that are just as fun and have a fresh modern touch. The online eyewear brand, “Warby Parker” has gone from an e-commerce site to brick and mortar with stores all around the country. The brand is known for being the “eyewear brand for millennials” offering fun colors such as: pastel pink, riverbed tortoise, and tidal blue. The brand has also redesigned retro and vintage frames with sleek,modern touches paying homage to classic eyewear, while accommodating to the trends that millennials care about.

Eyewear has become an essential part of many people’s wardrobe being a key way of how they combine functionality with fashion. The Ray-Bans brand has influenced eyewear companies such as Warby Parker to showcase wear as both timeless and cool. As times change, generations are becoming more fashion conscious and eyewear companies are taking notice. These eyewear companies are creating eyewear for a generation that refuses to conform and thrives off of creativity and wants their eyewear to be just as creative as they are.

Amanda Harth